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Who am I?

My name is Karlijn, 20 years old and originally from a city in the north of Netherlands: Groningen. I am a writer and obsessed with everything which has to do with traveling. Last year, I traveled for one year around the world. Enjoying the sun at seasides, wandering around streets looking for a place to sleep, on adventure quest in the desert, volunteering work in hostels, impressive demonstrations and a backpack full of experience.

I have a romantic relationship with the middle east but I have enough space for other beautiful places. I like to travel adventurously and I live according to the quote: ‘The core of Men comes from new Experiences‘. When I am not traveling, I am thinking about traveling, you can find me in a bookstore or I am climbing somewhere.

The Road Novel in Jerusalem

What is the Road Novel?

The Road Novel is a travel blog for backpackers. For me, traveling is not checking famous hotspots and countries off my list. Traveling for me is meeting new people, get to know new cultures and the experiences which remain. On the Road Novel, I am sharing my travel stories. Furthermore, I share travel tips about i.a. budget travel and solo female travel. Currently, I am working on backpack travel guides of each country which you can find here. The Novel spreads out from the Netherlands to the Middle East till the corners of Southeast Asia. My goal is to inspire other people despite gender, age or nationality to travel.

The next step for the Road Novel is to serve as a platform where other people can share their travel stories. Do you have a story you want to share on the Road Novel? Send an email with your idea to contactroadnovel@gmail.com

You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. For comments, feedback or tips, you can contact me through the Contact page, or send an email to contactroadnovel@gmail.com


All the pictures on the roadnovel.com belong to me, if not mentioned differently. Do you want to use one of my pictures? Contact me. 

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