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Welcome at the Road Novel.

My name is Karlijn, from the Netherlands. Author and creator of the Road Novel, and obsessed with everything which has to do with traveling. I like the excitement of unknown destinations and I am in love with the Middle East. Discovering new destinations became a serious hobby of mine, and meanwhile, I write about it. 

The Road Novel was born in Jordan in 2016, where I recognized the various misunderstandings about the Middle East and also the limited information available about this region. Meanwhile, this travel blog is an inspiration source for travel stories, facilitated with tips and travel guides. The Road Novel supports unknown destinations and gives context to the new ones.


My own story starts in Groningen, the Netherlands, where I lived together with my father, mother and my two younger brothers. Early in my childhood, I created an interest for writing and traveling. After high school, I decided that I want to change the world and studied: International Development Management. I moved out when I was 17 to Wageningen and enrolled in the student life. This ambition didn’t last for long, and after one year I decided to quit my study course.

Afterwards, I traveled to Turkey where I spent three months. I often get the question: “Why Turkey?” I can’t answer this question comprehensively. It was a feeling and impulsive decision which dragged me there. I went alone with my backpack to the country of kebab and baklava. From Istanbul to the eastern edges and till the tropical west. It was for sure a thrilling adventure.

Road novel about

Turkey 2015, exploring the east of Turkey.

The return to my home country didn’t go down well. Despite the fact that fell in love with Turkey, I missed the excitement and sensation at the northern hemisphere. When I saved enough money to travel, I decided that I want to be gone for one year. So that’s what I did.

The journey started again in Turkey, followed by Iran, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. After six months in the Middle East, I had enough of annoying men and conflicts. From a hostel in Ramallah (Palestine), I booked a flight to Bangkok. Continuing, from Asian Thailand, I passed the border to Myanmar, Laos and eventually to my final destination: Vietnam.

And now?

At the moment, I live in Tilburg in the Netherlands. I am now a first-year journalism student. Although I love to travel, I enjoy my study course. Journalism will be a path of learning. In future, I would like to combine journalism with my passion for traveling.

Jordan about the Road Novel

Enjoying the freedom of the Wadi Rum Desert

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See you somewhere on this fun, weird and beautiful earth!

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