Kashan, one of the most beautiful cities which I visited in Iran. It is literally an oasis town in the middle of the desert. Kashan used to be an important stop on the Silk Road route. Textile, ceramic and of course silk were traded and sold. Nowadays, Kashan is a not be missed stop on your way to southern Iran. 

I arrived in Kashan after spending some days in Tehran and meeting with my first Couchsurfing family in a town close to Tehran. I decided to give Couchsurfing another shot and found a host in Kashan. My host was, however, not the best one I could choose. He was not a bad person but someone I felt far from connected to. His arrogant attitude and the fact we could not have a proper English conversation, were the reasons for a not so pleasant stay. On the other hand, he took his time to show me around. He definitely did not a bad job in showing me how beautiful Kashan is. Hereby, I show you the most beautiful spots which I visited in Kashan.

Agha Bazorg Mosque

The first place I want to show you is this mosque from the 18th century, one of Kashan’s pearls. The mosque was impressive and beautiful for me to see. Good for me, it was quiet and peaceful when I visited. Agha Bazorg is like many other mosques in Iran totally symmetric built. There is always one mistake in every mosque because nothing is perfect, only God. There is no entrance fee to enter Agha Bazorg Mosque.

Kashan agha bazorg mosque Kashan agha bazorg mosque

Sultan Amir Hammam

This hammam (bath house) was built in the 16th century and named after Iman Sultan Amir Ahmad. After an earthquake in 1778, many of Kashan’s buildings and also the hammam were damaged. The building is not damaged anymore but not used as a hammam anymore. Nowadays, this historical building is restored and serves as a tourist attraction. Don’t forget to check out the roofs of the hammam. The roof and the view over Yazd are stunning! Tip: buy a combined ticket for the hammam and two historical houses, it is cheaper.

Kashan Sultan Amir hammam

Kashan rooftops sultan amir hammam

Historical Houses

The historical houses in Kashan are the leftovers from the wealth in the 18th and 19th century. Rich people came and built beautiful big houses in Kashan for their family, as you can see on the picture. In all over the city, you will recognize the Windgirs (visible on the upper left side of the picture).  The Windgir is an ancient Persian invention for regulating the wind inside the house to keep it cool during hot summer days. Kind of the first air conditioning.

During my stay, I visited the Tabatabai house and the Abassian house. Both beautiful and big houses where you can spend plenty of time to discover all the rooms and gardens. Fine architecture, stained windows, old paintings and mirror walls, a small description of what you could expect.

Tababatai historical house in Kashan

Windgir on the upper left side

Abassian historical house in Kashan

Kashan’s Bazaar

After the historical houses, we end up at the last place I visited: Kashan’s Bazaar. This bazaar was not only one of the most beautiful spots I visited in Kashan but also the most beautiful bazaar which I visited in Iran. The bazaar is a trading center for over 800 years. Furthermore, the bazaar is traditionally built and decorated. Amaze your eyes in the tall lanes and enjoy a cup of tea at a local tea shop.

traditional bazaar in kashanBazaar in Kashan

After two days, my time in Kashan ended. My Couchsurfing host I was not going to miss but the city left an impression. Moreover, I met a friend when I was visiting the bazaar. With my new friend, I took a bus to the next city: Isfahan.

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the most beautiful spots in Kashan Iran